Appointment Setting Field Reps & Inside Sales Teams


Our clients seek to maximize the time their sales team focuses on qualified opportunities versus the task of prospecting or chasing down marketing leads to speed up the sales buying cycle.

We support our client’s sales team through a structured dedicated team approach. We develop a custom playbook and train our sales consultants in our client’s products and solutions. Through education and nurturing, the Sales Doctors consultant will manage the prospects until they illustrate and exhibit the appropriate buying signs. The Sales Doctors consultants then facilitate an appointment/meeting with the prospect and the appropriate internal sales team member.

Our specialized teams have been supporting our clients field sales teams and subject matter experts for years. We understand how to deliver a consistent volume of qualified opportunities and the fact that proper metrics management drives success.

Our clients often have the following characteristics:

  • Highly competitive landscape
  • Products are perceived as commodity
  • Programs that are price/budget driven
  • Products or solutions offered in a complex selling environment
  • Requires multiple decision makers to be engaged
  • ROI based decision making process
  • Prospect business intelligence is critical
  • Subject matter expertise is required for conversion

For your inside Sales Team

A proven strategy for growth in your business

Many of our clients are also looking to have their inside sales specialist focused on converting qualified prospects. Sales Doctors takes the front end of the buying process focused on qualification and education. We will develop a meaningful playbook, ensure all technologies are streamlined for direct communication and most important provide the same cultural experience to your prospect that your internal team represents. Our focus is to develop a consistent volume of qualified opportunities for our client’s inside sales team.
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